Who is

SUMS+SOLUTIONS is a collaboration between Sum Of All Numbers and Sums+Solutions in India.

Holly Clawson and Michelle Scribner faced the real challenge of finding skilled bookkeepers for their American company.

After a year of efforts to hire and retain top talent in the United States, they began to search in India for people who would provide the top level services needed to do bookkeeping work and also fit with their company values and culture.

What resulted was a beautiful collaboration of efforts. Sum of All Numbers provided the infrastructure it has developed since 2006 for an incredible work experience and training while India provided a constant supply of individuals looking for something different than the traditional outsourcing of labor model prevalent in India.

As more talent was needed, the workforce in India realized how fortunate they were to have this unique experience of working hand-in-hand with an American company and encouraged the opportunity to be extended beyond Sum of All Numbers.

With processes in place for a successful experience for both an American company and Indian workers, SUMS+SOLUTIONS began.

Sums+Solutions PROMISES

What makes Sums + Solutions different
from other outsourced bookkeeping companies


The 1S+4J Structure

Traditional Indian outsourcing is structured as a team consisting of one visible senior level (1S) member and 4-5 usually hidden junior level (4J) members.

Your communication is with the senior level team member, and that makes you think the work is being done by that team member, but you can never be absolutely sure.

This leads to break down in the communication and delays as things you’ve discussed with the senior level team member are not then passed down to the people actually doing the work, and lower quality than expected since the team members doing the work have less experience and knowledge than the person you originally chose.


DIRECT resource who reports only to you (if full-time)

Instructions and training provided are not watered down by passing the work to someone else


Constant and Never Ending Improvement

Only "A" Relationships

Choose the Right

Dig Deeper


The candidates have strong communication skills. We recognize that language can be a barrier between Americans and Indians and take great steps to assure that the candidate’s English is superb and their accent is easy to understand.

Before we present a person to you, we perform an intensive interviewing process. They are screened through three distinct stages and are only selected after passing each step.

Each candidate will be supervised in the work they perform in order to assure efficiency. In addition to the specific tasks you assign to your team members, we provide the oversight assuring high work quality and ethics.

Internal Selection stages