Outsourced Bookkeeping Solutions

We are your immediate solution for finding skilled bookkeeping professionals at a fraction of the cost in America.

Every Talent in our Network is Evaluated on these Parameters

Core Values & Culture

Our focus is to evaluate the candidates in their capacity to adapt and embrace our company's core values, culture, and identity.

Communication Skills

Strong communication is a must for our team. We test English proficiency based on the type of communication required for the role.

Timely Response

All our team has at least 3-4 hours overlap with the US work schedule, and our client facing team members have at least 6-7 hours overlap.

Safety & Integrity

We vet our candidates through a deep background check, reference verification, and a look at their finances, and criminal record.

Bookkeeping Foundation

Our tests check the candidate practical skills, tool proficiency, logical thinking, data understanding, and knowledge of bookkeeping.

Software Skills

Our candidates are tested for math, data interpretation, logical thinking, Excel, QuickBooks, and general computer skills.

How To
Get Started



  • Introductory Call
  • Interview - Test
  • Staff Confirmation


  • Onboarding Call
  • IT Set up
  • Staff Orientation Call


  • Staff Starts Working
  • Initial Training
  • Continuous Review


Data & Network Security

  • Every employee has its unique username and password to access his/her workstation.

  • Electronic Devices such as mobile phones, PDA etc. are not allowed on the production floor, the USB ports and other media drives are disabled.

  • Continuous monitoring of the web traffic and disciplinary actions are taken for any violations.

  • Access to the local drives of our server are restricted based on the process the employee is assigned to.

  • Appropriate backup mechanism is in place to prevent data loss.

  • Weekly updating of the anti-virus pattern on every system.


  • Every employee sign a Non- Disclosure Agreement at the time of recruitment and any breach of the same leads to termination of employment.

  • Restricted access to internet websites and the same is allowed only if it is a process requirement.

  • Continuous monitoring of the web traffic and disciplinary actions are taken for any violation.